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I have a friend looking for a wireless printer that will work with her Powerbook G4 OS Tiger 10.4.11

They just purchased a HP Officejet 4630 for other printing but there is no driver for her laptop.

She is looking for one that does not have expensive ink. Her current Samsung printer ink costs about $200 to replace all 4 cartriges.

We have an Epson XP 410 but it requires at least 10.6.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Most economical
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    Wireless has a disadvantage for many Powerbooks.  Unless yours supports 802.11g, it is not secure.  So it must support Airport Extreme on the Powerbook to have a secure wireless network.   Also many printers only support 802.11b, making matters worse, as that is not secure.  See my FAQ* on printing:




    Some printers have ethernet ports, which would allow you to use a Wireless ethernet bridge that is 802.11g.  Similarly you could use one on the Mac, and then you'd have your wireless printing.  Ask the printer manufacturer what might be possible.  The last thing you want is an insecure network, especially if you are at most 4500 meters/1500 feet from someone who could pick it up and log into it that you don't want.


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    If a Laser Printer would work, I'd suggest a Brother printer, if Ink Jet is need I'd not recommend Brother.

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    Thanks but I don't believe security is an issue for them. They are in a remote location and mostly print for their volunteer work. They just need to print a low cost if possible.

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    Thank you, I did a live chat with Brothe Support and they recommended the HL-2270DW which will work with XS X 10.4

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    Gret news, great little printer!