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I have content in my iTunes library on my Mac computer that is "not eligible" for iCloud storage.  None of these items are too large (200mg) however, all are songs or audio programmes that were not purchased via iTunes! Is that why I can't store them in the cloud.  I can't sync these songs from iTunes on my computer to my iPad because they aren't in the cloud.  When I sync my iPad, I am told that all my iTunes content will be downloaded from iCloud. 


Help me here.  If the cloud won't accept these songs how can I transfer them to my iPad???


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    They wouldn't be eligible if they were encoded at 96 Kbps or less, or contain copy protection (DRM) from being purchased from another online store.  You might ask your question over in the iTunes Match forum.  They can probably give you a more definitive answer and suggest a solution.

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    KiwiLouisa - I had the same problem.  I was eventually able to distribute my content that was "Not eligible for iCloud" to my iPhone by switching off ITunes Match in both the ITunes app/machine that hosts my library (my Macbook Pro, in this case) as well as on the device to which I wished to distribute my content (my iPhone 6+).  This opened up the option for my device iTunes Music settings for selecting "Entire Music Library".

    After I successfully transferred *ALL* my music and music videos via iTunes sync, I then again switched on ITunes Match in iTunes on my Macbook and on my iPhone.


    This does not change the iCloud status, but at least I have the content on my iPhone.