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ezjay08 Level 1 Level 1

When I turn on my mac book a grey screen appears with a flashing question mark folder.


If I hold down the option key when I turn it on I get place my wifi password in and click on an arrow for Internet recovery.


Once the Internet recovery completes which took about 3 minutes I am then given the option to select my language the taken to the Mac OS X Utilities. There are 4 options:


1. Restore from time machine back up

2.reinstall Mac OS X

3.get help online

4.disk utility


Mac book pro information

Intel core i5

Mac OS X 10.7.5



Hoping someone can help and lead me in the right direction to fixing this!!!


Thank you

MacBook Pro
  • Paul_31 Level 6 Level 6

    Take a look at this support article to see if any of the suggestions help:


  • ezjay08 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Paul!

    Did check that out but unable to complete any of those steps with out running into a road block.

  • Paul_31 Level 6 Level 6

    First of all, do you have backup of all your data? If not you may want to stop any troubleshooting until you have got that covered for fear of making the situation worse.


    Assuming you do have backup, from your first post, where you started in Recovery mode, did you run Disk Utility (option 4) to see if it could discover/fix any problems? If not, open Disk Utility, select Macintosh HD on the left and click on 'repair disk'. If anything gets changed/fixed/altered, click on repair disk again until you get a 'clean pass' and then restart as normal from the Apple menu.

  • fjwynne3 Level 1 Level 1

    @Paul_31 Hi Paul, I did just that and repaired my disk and it said it was fine, but then when I restarted my macbook air it still went to the question mark folder. What would my next option be? Thanks.