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I have searched the FAQs and have not found an EASY answer that makes sense.  I am looking for an old Powerpoint '03 template that I know I stored on my Mac HD, but can't find it. So I thought I could go to Finder (after all, that's what the name implys [no face avaliable for sarcasim]) and find where I stored all of them two years ago when I transferred data from my old "inferior" Windows computer to this new "superior" Apple Mac. You know, in WIN search, I can EASILY do <*.pot>, and find all of my old powerpoint templates in seconds. It seems that there is no EASY way to do this in Finder or on my Mac. Please tell me I am in error and I have overlooked this simple easy, even easier than Windows feature.  IF Mac can't do this, geeze, where is the Mac superiority?  Someone needs to fix this.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), Run Parallels