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I use my iPhone 3 with two other bluetooth devices, but cannot get connected to my Mac. It's a pretty new Mac running the latest Mavericks, and it is connected to a printer via bluetooth. How can I get my Mac to discover my iPhone, or vice versa?

iPhone 3G, iOS 6.1.6, Intel Mac 10.9.2
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    For what purpose are you trying to connect it? The only profile that you could use would be tethering (i.e. Using the iPhone's data connection to connect the computer to the internet).

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    Perhaps I misunderstand what syncing does. At present, I have to delete unwanted files from both my Mac AND my iPhone. Syncing in iTunes via usb doesn't delete the unwanted files on my iPhone.

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    You can't sync via Bluetooth, and it wouldn't be any different from USB (other than of course lacking the cable) even if you could.


    Are you unchecking in iTunes the items you want to remove from the iPhone, or for apps clicking "remove", before you click "sync"?






    or if you mean data files removing them from the relevant Documents section?



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    What I really want is for email deleted on Mac to quit showing up on my iPhone and vice versa. I guess I assumed that syncing would do that.

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    That's going to depend on the type of email you have. If you have an older type of email, called POP3 (e.g. Comcast, AOL), it does not sync across devices. Newer email, called IMAP (e.g. Gmail) will sync across all of your devices.

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    I do have Comcast, but am switching over to iCloud.com email, hoping to dump Comcast soon.


    I looked at my internet accounts. It looks like I won't get what I want until I dump Comcast. Is that right?


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    No, Mail is not synched via iTunes.


    And Comcast mail is indeed POP unless you sign up for their "experimental" IMAP service. Make sure in OS X that you have mail set to be removed from the server at the time you prefer in the Advanced preferences for that mail account. There should be similar preferences in the mail settings on the iPhone, but I don't have one here to check.



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    Thanks for the reply. I finally got around to migrating to IMAP at Comcast, which will be activated soon, after which I'll try to get it all straightened out.


    All this points out how labor intensive computers can be. Fine if you have lots of time and like to fiddle with them, but I don't and don't.


    Thanks again, JP