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I use rekordbox to store my music and the location of the music is: HDD>User>Music>Rekordbox>Collection>and then there are several folders that i made. Normally i have to go to rekordbox and import al the new files that i sorted in those folders.

But now i want the following: if i download new music i want to drag it in a folder on my desktop with the same layout as the rekordbox collection folder and then i want an automator script that imports the files from the desktop folder to the right folders in the HDD>User>Music>Rekordbox>Collection etc. and then import them into rekordbox.

if someone knows how to make this please let me know.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    I'm not sure about Rekordbox and how it imports files, but if you want to drag files into subfolders in a folder on the desktop, and then have automator move them to corresponding subfolders in the Collection folder, that would be pretty simple:

    set up the desktop folder and its subfolders.

    open Automator and create a new Folder action

    specify the first source subfolder at the top

    add "Move finder items" from the list of actions on the left, and specify the destination subfolder

    save this first Folder action and give it a name.

    You would create a separate folder action for for each source and destination subfolder pair.

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    Sometimes it seems overwhelming but just just picture Automator as a recorder that will will record all of your actions or key strokes then play them back when you tell it to.


    Look here and learn.....


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    Thanks arthur i diddn't tought it was that easy.


    @Mobile Blues

    i tried to record it but i could only move one song  from folder to folder and import to rekordbox so it would only record the name of one file and not a complete folder because osx overwrites a folder and doesn't add only the new files but thanks anyway!