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i would like to clear off my balance in my itunes, so i can change my country details?


iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.1
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    Hi sophayer,



    Welcome to the Support Communities!


    The articles below will provide information regarding changing the country settings for your iTunes Store account. 


    If you have a store credit balance

    You must spend your balance before you can change stores:

    • If your store credit is less than the cost of a single item on the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store, you can add a credit card to your account. When you buy an item, you will use the remaining store credit and charge the remainder of the purchase to your credit card.
    • If you don't have a credit card, contact iTunes Store support.







    - Judy

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    I just want to say that I think it's kind of ridiculous that I'm told to just buy something, even if it's only $.97.  I just think using this as the immediate response, given the scenario, should be less burdensome on the loyal customers?

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    Sorry, but what gets me is that if you think about it, if 1,000,000 people each have a remaining balance of $.02(my current balance) on their accounts, that's $20,000 right there!  That's right folks, only two cents.  So, that means if one million people switch their store by means of purchasing, given they have a "store credit" of two cents, Apple will make $20,000.  I don't think this is too far from reality with the rise in world travel.



    To be honest, I don't travel enough that this issue creates a problem for me.  I was actually trying to download an app, "ToneConvert" but I got a message that said the app is not available in my country or store.  I wasn't aware I had a "store" in the first place?  Why are some Apple approved apps allowed in some stores but not others?  A lot of questions started coming up.  So, I thought easy solution, I will just switch stores....not so easy.

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    Content is licensed to Apple to sell on a country-by-country basis, each country therefore has to have its own store, and you have to be in a country to use its store - content providers want control over where their content is available. If an app is not available in your country's store then it's because the developer hasn't granted a license to sell it there (or in some cases it might be due to the country's laws) - and similarly if a music album, film etc isn't available there.


    You can also get the 'not available in my country' message if you used a weblink to open iTunes e.g. if you did a search on your browser and clicked a link which opened iTunes - if an app has been removed from the store (usually by the developer, though apps can also be removed if they're found to have violated terms) then you might get a message that it's not available in your store but is available in another country's store (though it quite possibly won't be there either).