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The email address I have been using is: NicholahH@****  I want to start using my icloud as my default address on all my devices  incld: ipad, iphone and PC.  How do I do this and still get emails from people that use my verizon account?  I don't want to miss anybody.  My icloud is Nicholah2@****


thank you so much


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    Just add your iCloud email account to your iOS devices by going to Settings>iCloud and turn on Mail.  If you set up iCloud on your PC and are syncing it with Outlook, your iCloud email account should already be set up in iCloud.  If you aren't, you can add your iCloud email account to your email client on your PC using these settings: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4864.


    Once you have your iCloud email account on your PC and all your devices, it will appear inside the Mail app on your iOS devices alongside your verizon.net account.  If you select to view all all mailboxes, you will then see a merged list of email from both accounts in your inbox.