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Not exactly a question, but thought I would post so others could find this. If you're looking for the absolute best solution for water damage repair on an iPhone (or any mobile device in general), watch this video. Literally the most likely method of reviving your device:




Many others have found my method(s) helpful, so I thought I would share my take on #waterdamage by making this video


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iPhone 5, iPhone water damage solution(s)
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    If the method fails, the phone no longer has a warranty, Apple will not accept it for any future repairs, and if the phone is damaged Apple will not offer an out of warranty replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new phone.


    I'll stick to my method: don't put the phone near water.

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    That is why you follow the derections demoed in the video so you can maintain those warranty policies in a worst case scenario. Mainly my method is meant to help recover unsaved data which to many might be very sentimental which is more valuable than possibly voiding an out of warranty claim. But hopefully you never run into this situation. Thanks for your comment