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After my first experience with my external drive crashing I restored 1GB of Iphoto files backed up on Pogoplug.

The restore functioned perfectly, but the files are unreadable on iphoto.

Should I spend the $$ to try to recover the files from my external drive???

Or is there a way to repair the files downloaded from the Pogoplug Restore?

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)

    As we have no idea what Pogoplug Restore is, you'll need to give us some more information. After restoring, what do you see on your  computer? Files? What kind of files? Will they open in Preview?


    What version of iPhoto?

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    Did you backup your library package or just jpeg files?


    Can you open any of the photos with Preview?



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    • "give us some more information on Pogoplug Restore"---


      • Pogoplug is a service that was sold to me by the Geek Squad at Best Buy when I purchased my Mac.
      • It is a cloud based file backup service
      • Pogoplug information can be found on their website www.pogoplug.com



    • After restoring, what do you see on your  computer? / Files? / What kind of Files?


      • In my Pictures tab (using Finder) I found the following files, folders and items:
        • Folder- Family Photos (this was the iPhoto filename I had given to my photo file)
          1. File - AlbumData.xml
        • Folder - Attachments (empty)
        • Folder - Auto Import (empty)
          1. Folder - Caches
            • item - IH6DioJtTaylhEJZaEwGDw
            • file - com.apple.iPhoto.plist
          2. Folder - Contents
            • item- PkgInfo
          3. Folder - Database
            • Subfolder - Albums
              1. item - BigBlobs.apdb
              2. item - DataModelVersion.plist
              3. >50 additional files that have random alpha-numeric-symbols strings ending in .apalbum
            • Subfolder - Faces
              1. Subfolder - Detected
                • >50 files that have random alpha-numberic-symbols strings ending in .apdetected
        • Folder - Title of a slide show I had saved
          1. items- img023.jpg -- this is one of about 100 photos that were in the slide show
        • Folder - IPhoto Dropbox
          1. 4 files - .jpg items
        • Folder - Sample Album
          1. 3 files - .jpg items that look like iPhoto stock pictures


    • Will they open in Preview?


      • The .jpg files open in Preview without a problem
      • The .plist files open to a string of programming language (?)
      • The .apdb file does not open
      • PkgInfo opens to a short random alphanumeric line
      • The .apalbum files open in Safari, but all I get is strings of numbers
      • All other files will not open in Preview, iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop, or any other app in my Mac


    • What version of IPhoto?


      • Version 9.5.1
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    The restore functioned perfectly, but the files are unreadable on iphoto.

    So the restore did not work at all - if it has worked perfectly you would not be looking for help here



    1 - no known cloud system is capable of correctly backing up the iPhoto library so far


    2 - what you have appears to be some of the content of the iPhoto library without the connecting parts that make it a SQLite database or the photos (they would be in the masters folder)


    3 - There is no way to take the pieces and make them back into a database in any case


    4 - if you can find the masters folder it should have your original photos in it and you can use them to start over from scratch



  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)
    • It is a cloud based file backup service


    That's the start of your problems. An iPhoto Library is not a "file" but a rather complex ecosystem of interlocking files, metadata, databases, caches, images and thumbnails.


    The restore from the service is, from what you list, frankly, a total failure.