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Ever since this update (around mid april) i have no been able to get past the connecting part on facetime. It's not just me either, everyone i know who has recently updated to this hasn't been able to facetime. They all have the newest version of ios i checked, and it still isn't working. I have checked all other possible issues and everything checks in ok. I was wondering if apple knows that facetime isn;t working..?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.1
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    They know, but their ONLY response has been a short directive to update to 7.1.1 on both ends of the call, i.e. both Facetime connections must be running 7.1.1

    If you have achieved that and still no-go, then Apple deserves to hear from you...

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    I too have had issues with this.


    We have several ipads in our family and version 7.1.1 has been installed in all devices, but still when I try to connect to my father (since the ios upgrade), the connection in facetime is always failing. Both ways. we make the facetime call, and once it is answered, it really doesn't work. It just keeps "connecting" until one of us refuses the call.


    I have followed every step of the troubleshoot that apple provided on this, and all should be ok. WI-FI and internet connection are great, but still, since the upgrade, it's impossible to have facetime conversations.


    Apple seriously needs to review this as facetime was the main reason we all got ipads on the first place. I may be also the main reason why we move on to something else.


    Best regards.

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    I'm having the exact same issue. Tried everything but a factory reset. Was previously on 7.0.6 and upgraded to 7.1.1 after issue started (on both devices). Cannot get them to connect to one another. This bull about being on the latest iOS fixing the problem is a lie. Please Apple, fix this issue or atleast reach out to those complaining so we can report what is happening so you can at least attempt to fix these bugs.

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    As of April 16, 2014, Apple has been enforcing more stringent security protections that require the latest releases in operating system software.  That is described in http://support.apple.com/kb/TS5419 and applies to all parties on a FaceTime connection.

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    This is my problem with these forums. People post the same crap links WITHOUT reading what others have posted. That link clearly states: "If you're using iOS 7.0.4 or later or iOS 6.1.6, this issue doesn't affect you." As we have CLEARLY STATED, we are on 7.1.1. I appreciate you trying to be helpful, but please read our comments first before posting the same **** links everyone else is everywhere else on this forum. They DO NOT solve the problem.

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    And in response to your previous post,


    Please Apple, fix this issue or atleast reach out to those complaining so we can report what is happening so you can at least attempt to fix these bugs.


    Apple does not participate in the forums. This is a user to user forum. If you want to discuss your issue with Apple, you need to call Apple Care.

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    yup, agreed about the repetitve directives.  Did you let Apple know your opinion, and circumstances?  I'd be interested to hear how this is rectified