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I recently wiped my late 2006 iMac's Hard Drive the other day. It was a spring cleaning kind of thing. And well Long story short I dont know how Im going to be able to reinstall the OS. When I go into Mac OS X Utilities and try to reinstall the OS, it prompts me to put in my Apple ID. When I do so it then tells me to please put in an Apple ID that was used to purchase OS X Lion. Well the only thing for me to do was go to Apple.com and purchase the OS. Even doing this im still stuck. Apple will send me an E-mail containing a key to put in the Mac's App store to start downloading the OS. Theres no way for me to do this since I dont have my iMac functioning at the moment. What am I supposed to do? Is there a way to download it from a PC and put the iso on a CD/DVD or a flash drive?

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