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When my memory filled up on my Macbook, I moved my iphoto library onto a flashdrive. I have been using this flashdrive for the past year with no problem as far as opening my iphoto library. Randomly today, my iphoto refuses to open the library - freezing every time until I have to force quit it. I tried going direclty into the flash drive to open the library, but when I do this, iphoto just opens completely blank. I know it is not a problem with the flash drive failing, as I have gotten onto the flashdrive and opened other documents I have stored there. I also know it is not an issue of the library being damaged, as I am always careful to eject it. I've tried rebooting the computer and reinserting the flashdrive. Anyone have any ideas? I have lots of pictures in that library and being unable to access them is simply enfuriating.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)