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I've been using Time Capsule, 2 Airport Expresses and and an Airport Extreme for a few years without a problem.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that on of the devices which I hadn't looked at in months was flashing amber with a WDS error.  It took me a few hours, to resolve, but I reconfigured every device and got everything working again.  Yesterday, everything except for the Extreme was flashing amber with the "Extended Network" error.  I've turned everything off except for the Extreme.  Forgot all of the others.  Turned on a single Express, but can't resolve this issue....  I've included a screen-shot of the current error.  It suggests to confirm the password, which I have....  The "other WiFi Device" indicated at the top of the screen shot, is the "Family Room" shown in the image.



Can anyone help?


Thank you...Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.07.56 PM.png

AirPort Extreme 802.11n (2nd Gen)
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    I've turned everything off except for the Extreme.

    Power off all the AirPorts for a few minutes.


    Then, power up the AirPort Extreme first, and let it run a few minutes.


    Power up one Express next, and get it working correctly. You get the idea.


    You are probably losing 40-50% of the wireless signal strength if AirPort Extreme in Closet really is in a closet, since a typical wall aborbs about 10-15% of the signal and you likely have 4 walls in the closest.


    You may need to move the AirPort Express devices closer to the AirPort Extreme so that they will pick up a stronger signal and maintain the Extended Network setup.

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    I tried your recommendation, but can't get the first device after the Exteme never was able to come up.... So, I finally reconfigured the Exteme, and brought up one other device at a time.  They all are working now, so whatever the problem was, it was on the Extreme..


    Thank you for you help....

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    Nice work. Glad that you did not have to reconfigure every AirPort, which is sometimes the case.