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I use the noteability app alot, recording audio at a live lecture works great.  However, due to a bug you can not add an audio file directly into your notes (at the moment), you must record them.


I have a bunch of podcasts that I would like to add to my notes.  I know I could play them from my mac and record audio through the ipads mic but what I hoped  to do was connect a male to male cable between the line out of my mac into my ipad, playing the audio without interferance.  This didn't work


Does anyone know if there is a similar way to do this or something I could have done wrong. 



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yeah - you can do it, but you need an adapter.  The earphone jack on a pad is a special jack with stereo headphone uot put and a seperate mic in channel.  The adapters i have seen are usually built to accomodate a standard 1/4 in - into the pad, like the one in the attached link.  In theory, you could use the lineout on the mac, to a 1/4 in male - then into this adapter to get it back into the pad.   Some probably makes the cable you need with the 1/4 shift, but I couldn't find one.


Options - in you notes, insted of copying the file, put a link to the podcast


http://www.tmart.com/Multimedia-Guitar-Audio-Interface-Adapter-for-iPhone-iPod-T ouch-iPad-Black_p126356.html?fixed_price=us_us&utm_source=base&utm_medium=organi c&utm_term=87002502&utm_campaign=product&gclid=CPq6t_jal74CFdDm7AodhSoABw


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