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AM from AR Level 1 Level 1

So my iPad was stolen one week ago. It is a WI-FI iPad, so the application "find my iPad" cannot see it unless it goes online.

There is no point in sounding an alarm or displaying a message on the screen, since I believe the thief has no intention to return it.

I had a 4-digit password locking the screen. By now, I suppose the thief has tried 10 times unsuccessfully and the iPad has been restored. So... if it has been restored, then will I ever have the chance to "see" my device using the FIND MY IPAD application?

If no, is there anything that can be done from Apple? I have the serial number of my device and whoever goes online with that device should be visible for Apple, right? Regardless of my iCloud account.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6