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hi i'm new to support communities


this is my Question:

                               i want a wired network for the 2 mac's and the pc desktop, the router is in the hallway and the 2 mac's are in the living room so my idea is to run a cat6 ethernet cable to an airport extream base station and 2 ethernet cables to the mac's and get a usb hard drive for all my muisc and tv programs, movies to share on the network so i can stream them where ever i need it . then run ethernet cable's to my son's bedroom and our bedroom and so we can run apple tv in our bedroom via airport express wired to apple tv and make wifi better as well for all wifi devices. i prefer wired network as it's faster and more reliable.


so i was going to buy a 5th gen apple extream x 2 and an airport express latest one.



would this be a good setup any help would be very welcome. many thank for your help








mac mini 2012 i7, imac, window's 8.1 pc (son's), iphone, sony z1, apple tv (not setup yet), now tv box,      

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    The following is what I would recommend your basic network layout to be:


    • You would need at least one Ethernet cable to go between the Internet modem and the AirPort Extreme.
    • You can run one Ethernet cable between the Extreme to an Ethernet switch in the living room.
    • The two Macs will be connected to this switch by Ethernet.
    • You can run a second Etherent cable between the Extreme and your son's bedroom.
    • You can run a third Ethernet cable between the Extreme to an Ethernet switch in your bedroom.
    • You can connect the Apple TV directly to this switch.


    In addition with this setup, if you want Wi-Fi in areas that are not covered by the Extreme, you can add an Express to any of those switches to do so.

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,344 points)

    A very good plan to use an Ethernet "backbone" for the network, which will result in much faster and more reliable performance.


    The 5th Gen AirPort Extreme was discontinued in June 2013.


    The 802.11ac version of the AirPort Extreme offers quite a bit more performance, even if you do not have 802.11ac devices at the present time.


    Apple added two additional antennas in this version and moved all of the antennas up to the top of the "tower" for more efficient broadcast operation.


    The 2nd Gen Express would really limit performance since it uses 100 Mbps ports. Your Ethernet cabling and the AirPort Extreme model that you choose offer Gigabit or 1,000 Mbps ports.  The numbers speak for themselves.


    If the budget allows, two AirPort Extremes would be the way to go.


    Apple tends to introduce new models in June of most years, so if you are not in a rush, you might want to wait and see what might be coming soon.

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    hi thank you tesserax and bob timmons that was realy useful info and it made it easy for me many thanks for your help 

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    You're very welcome! Be sure to post back and keep us updated on your progress in setting up your new network ... or if you run into any problems. We're all here to help.

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    ill post back as soon as i can and defo if i run into any problems many thanks