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ashraf93 Level 1 (0 points)

I seem to have Java VisualVM and Java Webstart installed on my Macbook and was wondering if Its okay to delete it? Is it an essential application needed for your usual browing or using viewing anything?

  • BobHarris Level 6 (17,734 points)

    Java web stuff "Bad", as in it has been a vector for malware atacks via the web.


    Java based applications using the Java VM are not the same thing.  There are Java apps such as OpenOffice, CrashPlan, etc... which are not a risk.


    However, if you do not have any Java based apps, then you can delete the Java components.  Nothing in native Mac OS X depends on Java, only 3rd party products.

  • ashraf93 Level 1 (0 points)

    Does Java VisualVM and Webstart come with all new Macbooks by default already installed? If so why does Apple leave such software shipped with their products when plugina like webstart you say is a tool for malware?

  • BobHarris Level 6 (17,734 points)

    According to some Google searches, Apple stopped shipping Java with 10.7 (Lion).


    Also current versions of Safari disable Java plug-ins.


    If you have Java on your Mountain Lion system (10.8), then either you have been carrying it forward from a previous version, or you installed it (maybe indirectly when installing a 3rd party app).

  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)

    I hate being pedantic, but saying that Java's not is installed is simply wrong. The only Java component missing in Lion and beyond is the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Peruse those installations, looking in these directories, and be enlightened:



    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/->JavaAppletPlugin.plugin


       Jar Launcher.app

       Java Web Start.app














    to name a few, but probably not all the Java components installed with those OSs.