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  • MichelJ Level 1 (130 points)
    Hi Julian,

    The problem appeared and was reported to Apple within the first year of guarantee (purchased in May 2005, problem appeared in October and was reported and fixed in December 2006).

    However, I had also purchased AppleCare to be on the safe side.

    In addition to the data provided by the "Temperature Monitor" utility, the sensor was confirmed defective when running the Hardware test.

    If you need more information, just let me know.

  • lgenic Level 1 (0 points)
    The same problem occured to me, just after a month out of warranty, so deeply unsattisfied I called Apple in the USA to resolve this problem everyone is having. I told the guy what's going on and he told me he can't do anything cause the PB is out of its warranty, he later told me that I was asking him questions he couldn't answer, so after 13 minutes of international phone calls to US,and Australia, they gave me a case number, and hey quess what my PB is into repair and they are repairing it for free!!

    So my solution is, give the guys at apple(no matter what country your in) a hard time over the telephone, like the ghost lady on the phone says "your call is inportant to us".
    I think we all should call, give them a hard time, and they will repair it, as a factory mistake!
  • Chickenhawk Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, the tiny amount of hope I had was crushed quite expertly: The system shut itself down again. I trashed the powermanagement preferences 4 days ago, and since then no problems occured-until now. Same problem with the sensor:

    System log says "Power Management received emergency overtemp signal. Going to sleep."

    I'll see what the Apple Store will say about it

    Powerbook G4 15" 1.5 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
  • P_J Level 1 (0 points)
    Add yet another victim to the list. Mine has been acting up for weeks now, but I couldn't give up the computer due to this being my last semester of college & finals week. It is SO irritating to see how many people have been experiencing [laptop went to sleep while typing just now] this problem.

    Has it struck anyone that we seem to all be having this problem at the same time?

    I have been on the phone about this [laptop went to sleep while typing just now] problem with Apple on three occasions now only to have them tell me (each time) that they believed it was a software issue of mine. The most recent call left me with the "solution" of performing an Erase & Install on my hard drive, which I haven't done because I really, really don't believe this is a software issue. Especially now that I've read all of your posts.

    My only redeeming factor w/ this problem is that I have Apple Care, so Apple will pay to fix this for me.

    PS... This laptop (18 months old) is on its third hard drive & second logic board. [laptop went to sleep while typing just now] Very reliable.
  • lgenic Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi P_J, if the apple guys are telling you to reinstall your harddrive, they are kidding themselves, cause my PB has been reinstalled for more than 4 times since this problem has occured, all I can say to you is call custumer relations and give them a good yell, tell them that IBM is much better than Apple(it is by the way, IBM give you a 5 year warranty upon buying it) they will listen and they must repair your issue immediatly!!! Hope all is well!
  • kdinah Level 1 (0 points)
    Adding another disgruntled "Mine, Too!" to the chorus. It started up right around Thanksgiving and doesn't have a consistant trigger but it's pretty much a sure thing every time I use my machine.

    It is the heatpad sensor problem, based on my logs and comparison to everyone else's reports, and like a lot of other folks, my machine is a little over a year and a half old (20 mos.) Hopefully Apple will come around to realizing this is a burgeoning and potentionally widespread problem and offer some aid in fixing it. (Call me optimistic.
  • TranceMe Level 1 (5 points)
    Can you say "Class Action"

    Well, hopefully it does not come to that. No way should we being paying for this. Completely a defect. This is a no brainer. It's funny how Apple Care/Support pretends not to know about this problem. Sure, on the first couple of days of phone calls. But, it seems as though they have been getting plenty of calls on this by now. All these larger computer companies have tracking systems for every call and repair. And, they have people dedicated to monitoring trends and problems.

    I convinced my sister and girlfriend to get PowerBooks last year. Guess what...they both told me about the problem with their machines on the same day. The strange part is that both these machines were purchased 2 months apart. But, are just out of warranty.

    This a shot in the dark...but another possibility is that a Mac OS X update triggered this. Meaning, maybe the update gave incorrect instructions and causing the part to eventually fail...I know, a stretch.

    Bottom line, every manufacturer has issues...but how they deal with those issues defines them. Apple, what are you going to do?

    Macbook Pro 2.0   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  
  • lgenic Level 1 (0 points)
    I can assure you that the update isn't a problem, cause my computer was reisntallede a few times and this is definitly not the problem. What i can say is that it isn't a logic board problem but a case problem, cause u see, my PB has been repaired(for free, cause i was nagging at customer support) and it has been a week now and no problems they told me that they raplaiced the logic board and the topcase, and the top case fixed my problem.

    Another solution that i have is to show/e-mail customer relations a letter in which you are complaining about theyre service and also to show them all the other forums on the net with the same problem, hope you can manage to rapair your PB
  • mogoo Level 1 (0 points)
    Add me to the list. Bought the PB 17" in August 2005, started having problems November 2006. Seems to be getting worse. Not under warranty anymore.

    I am so disappointed in Apple to find that this is a common defect for which they are not stepping up like the thoughtful responsible company I thought they were.

    I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't feel like shelling out $1000+ to fix their incompetence. I could easily get a brand new computer for that kind of money. This issue makes me want to give up and buy a non-Mac. And that depresses me even more.
  • mogoo Level 1 (0 points)
    So, has anyone tried one of those notebook "cooling fan" pads, just wondering if they offer any help at all? I'm guessing no, but I thought I'd throw it out there...
  • Chris Holub1 Level 1 (15 points)
    My G4 went to sleep w/o warning (the same issue as this thread post?!?!) and now WILL NOT WAKE UP?!

    Any idea why?

    Here's what I tried to troubleshoot:

    1. A diff power chord
    2. Taking battery out and restarting w/ power chord only
    3. Takin battery out and replacing, using w/ and w/o power chord

    Let me know ... I have a mac account "holubc" if you want to contact me (or cc: me) directly, thanks! --- chris
  • mbrun Level 1 (110 points)
    Chris-Can't be sure it's the same thing with that information. But, to recover from the unwaking sleep mode first unplug from the power chord. Take out your battery. Wait until the pulsing sleep indicator light turns off. Now put your battery back in and plug in your power chord and start up. That should work (if not, you have bigger issues). You'll need to check your log for the overtemp warning to see if you have the narcoleptic Powerbook problem.

    To everyone else, here are a couple of points to keep in mind (based on my experience and research).
    1. If you see the overtemp message in your log you have this problem. If not, it's another issue.
    2. Things that won't solve it: A new battery, a new motherboard, software re-install, OS upgrade (it doesn't matter what OS X version) hard drive wipe.
    3. The solution: new trackpad sensor (i.e. new topcase, since they are integrated)
    4. Suggestions if you don't have warranty or AppleCare coverage: Keep hounding Apple (they are among the best in service). Provide documentation of your system log error as well as what you have found from these discussions. Be persistant. Insist on talking to someone at the next "tier" of support. Apple may not issue a huge recall or similar that covera all who call with the problem, but with determination you can get them to see it is common issue they need to take care of for free. Insist on it.
    4. Suggestions if you have warranty or AppleCare coverage: Get your top case replaced. That's it.
  • Chris Holub1 Level 1 (15 points)
    MBRUM - GREAT JOB!! You have calmed my nerves after a restless night of sleep. Taking the battery out, waiting for the sleep pulsator to turn off, and reinserting the battery and attaching to the power chord is the way to go.

    After the computer turned on, I checked the log in the console. There were roughly 50 error messages ::

    kernal[0]: Power Management received emergency overtemp signal. Going to sleep

    I guess the next research topic is "how to prevent my G4 from overheating" -- any ideas ?!?

    Thanks again! [really!!] - chris
  • mbrun Level 1 (110 points)
    I guess the next research topic is "how to prevent my
    G4 from overheating" -- any ideas ?!?

    There really is only one solution to stop the random sleep and it is a top case replacement. Because, if it is your trackpad sensor reading the overtemp, it is a faulty sensor.

    I know it can be tedious to read all the replys in these discussion when you are searching for a solution, but this has all been covered before. So I encourage you to read more for a full understanding, but I think the points I listed in my previous post says all the important stuff.

    This too has been said, but download Tempurature Monitor if you want to see the wacky readings your trackpad will give when you have this problem. Mine would spike to more than 300 degrees F and drop to 32 degrees F until I got the new top case.
  • jhsk Level 1 (0 points)
    My computer has this problem too.. just started Yesterday....Tried Reinstalling and did alot of stuff.. I'll have to call Apple Support for help after christmas...
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