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I loaded a bunch of video from my iphone5 to my imac (osmaverick) into iphoto. I can play them from iphoto using quicktime and they look fine. But when i import them into imovie, they are "stretched out" looking. Why is this and how can i correct? Also, when i tclicked on iphoto video within imovie to try to import the videos from iphoto, i get a message saying "no matching video". I know those vidoes files need to be in a format imovie recognizes but shouldn't they recognize .move files from an iphone5? Lastly, when i plug my iphone into my mac via usb and attempt to import from camera in imovie, it doesn't recognize a camera has been connected--but iphoto does. What gives? Any help is greatly appreciated!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)