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Mail...I like it...can't wait until Leopard is released to get easy to use HTML templates. This is not my point.

I am curious about SPAM. Is there some way that Mail can have a button...like a Junk button for instance that tells not only my system that a particular e-mail is junk BUT will go out to other Mail users and tell their system that an offending e-mail is Junk too.

There could be some sort of algorhythm/classification system so that an e-mail could have the chance to defend itself based on content. But an offending e-mail that we all tag as Junk would be automatically removed from all of our inboxes without us even seeing the **** thing.

I would love this. If I see another viagra ad, lottery winning, bank scheme, ***** enlargement, etc. e-Mail...I think I'll just forget e-mail altogether and go back to snail mail. SPAM e-Mail exhausts, enfuriates and takes up bandwith. Please, Apple engineers...let Mail users work together to eliminate SPAM. Maybe a few of us will have to read these things...but together we can eliminate much of this stuff.

Is this possible? Or better yet...is it available now?

Peace to you all.

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