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My iPad is used for school and it's very important that I fix this soon!

Since I bought my Targus Keyboard my iPad has some problems.It used to turn fully off by itself and my technology teacher had to Off+Home Button to turn it on.Now,whenever I plug in my iPad,it says Not Charging but in French , so "aucune recharge en cours" ... I tried rebooting it several times and I took the following charger combinations...


The first time,I used a belkin block and a belkin plug with my Targus case and it worked.

The next night that it didn't work,I plugged it with the Belkin block and a apple plug,call it apple plug A,and my Targus case on a different output,and it worked.

The third time,I used my apple plug A and a large apple block and it worked,but I had to remove the Targus case and a different output.

The fourth time I used the apple plug A and the large Apple block without my case On the same output.It only charged until 83%.

Now,I have 68 percent and I need it for school tomorrow.Ive tried rebooting.changing plugs , blocks , walls .Ive changed the case and now I'm still troubled...


I have the iPad ( with the new charger but I don't know if it's 3 or 4) and I'm really lost right now,please help...

iPad, iOS 7.1.1