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Okay, here's my problem. 


I've got an Apple TV (Model A1469) and a PC with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit running iTunes for Windows 64-bit (latest version).  I'm using the PC to act as a server for all iTunes purchases.  I've got an Airport Extreme Base Station (Model A1034/M8799LL/A), a 16 port switch (Netgear) and Cat 5e as my wiring.  I've got both the PC and Apple TV hard-wired on my LAN. 


So far, movies and TV shows in HD only (720p or 1080p) are taking forever to stream from the PC to the Apple TV; SD content is fine.  If I stream the same content in the cloud via Apple's iTunes servers to the Apple TV, it is pretty quick all the time.  The problem only happens when streaming from the PC to the Apple TV using my wired LAN.  I've tried changing the settings in both the Apple TV and iTunes to better the performance, with no luck. 


Is the problem in the Cat 5e or is it something else, like iTunes for Windows?  I'm at a loss.  Am I missing something?


Your answers are greatly appreciated.