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I have strong resistance to using FaceTime to contact people and so have never used it before.  



I have no idea how this works and also could not find detailed directions anywhere.


In the same way that someone who has never used a computer or email would need to have a list of steps


that start with creating an email address,


to creating and sending messages, so do I need details on using FaceTime.  


I see that it stores my contacts phone numbers and email addresses but this does not explain how you


actually use it.



I do know that whoever you contact has to be on it at the same time.                                                             This still does not tell me how to contact them.   I also would like to know if Skype and FaceTime are the same thing.    Can someone on Skype contact someone on FaceTime?  



I opened up FaceTime and looked at it and know that I should first put on my make up.     I don't see what to do after this.    I also don't see any real help section for it (which is how I learned to do Excel and WORD without anyone to help me)


Can anyone help me with this?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)
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It's easily done via email addresses. One party calls the other via their email address. This is done automatically in Facetime. iOS- Using FaceTimeFaceTime for Mac- About HD video calling

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