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Hello !

I want to explain everything that happened from the beginning. My MacBook Air started giving a problem showing " Wifi : No No Hardware Installed " . Then the problems started . I found a few ways to resolve this problem:

1 . Holding Command + Option + P + R before turning on the MacBook . He goes to the gray screen and restart again. Now release the keys .

2 . Shut down your MacBook and connect the charger . Click Left Shift + Control + Command + Power simultaneously. Generally the macbook league, but if you do not call , press the power button.

3 . When the system starts up activate bluetooth and then turn off . Restart . Should operate normally . Almost does not work sometimes restarting , shut solves .

Note : all these ways are temporary resolutions .


When the Wifi back to work, after some time the system panics and crashes and to shut down the macbook and start it again . When Wi - fi appears : No No Hardware Installed the macbook works perfectly without wi - fi .

I read many articles on forums and I think the problem may be with the AirPort card . I have not been to an apple store to see a budget.


Trying to solve the problem I bought a Wireless USB Adapter: LINK ONE - L1-AW1Un that comes with the installation CD containing the drivers. Use the Mavericks (the latest) installed. After restarting, open the program normally Raillink the Wireless Utility. I connect, create a profile and appears active when connected after a few seconds change to disconected doing it constantly.

Below is the Wireless USB Adapter manual: LINK ONE - L1-AW1Un.


(MANUAL - Google Drivers)

I did not follow. Unable to create an IIS 7 certificate as shown in the manual. The drivers on the CD and the website are 10.5, 10.6, 10.7;



I need help.

Thank You

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)