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I am still running 10.6.8 and keep getting a super quick popup window in mail that says support is ending soon .

But it dissappears way too fast to read any more of the message.  Does anyone know what this is?

It must be some kind of warning. Sure wish I knew what?



Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi, I've not seen that, but mostly work in 10.4.11, 10.5.8, & 10.8.3


    Who is the provider, the part after the @sign?

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    Thanks for answering BD. It isn't an email. It is a very quick popup window in the very top

    righthand corner of whatever I am doing in mail. Sits on top of whatever is on the screen,

    gone in a flash, BUT there are a lot of lines after "support is ending soon" maybe 8 or 10.

    It has happened twice now, in the last 2 weeks.


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    That's why I'm wondering about the provider, I can't imagine it is Mail all by itself.


    Do you have any notifications setup?


    Do you have any Mail addons running?

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    I do not have any Mail addons.


    No notifications setup.


    I am totally baffled but also kind of anxious about what is ending soon?

    thanks BD

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    I'm wondering if you have Growl installed, it can have notifications tied to Mail?


    Or might it be RSS feed? Or I've heard possibly Apple is sending warnings of 10.6/SL loosing support?

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    yes!!!! BD you are soooo smart!

    I think I have growl installed. I was having trouble getting 1password synced with dropbox so the

    guy at agile bits asked to install growl.

    here's the first part of the report.

    I am running 10.6 because canvas won't do Lion and my imac, (which is perfectly good) won't do mtn lion. I do a lot of stuff in Canvas.

    How do I ge rid of growl?, its not in my applications folder.

    1Password Diagnostics Report for ruth

    Generated: Wed Jul 24 23:34:17 -0600 2013

    This information will be used by AgileBits to help resolve any issues you may have.

    Please do not follow any of the instructions in this report without first consulting with an AgileBits Support Jedi


    No known configuration issues detected.


    1Password Version: 3.8.21 (build #32009)

    Mac OS X Version: 10.6.8 (10K549)

    Active Keychain Format: Agile Keychain

    Agile Data File location: /Users/ruth/Dropbox/1Password.agilekeychain

    Number of 1Password files: 213

    User ruth is in admin group

    Installed extensions:



    it is down in "other" in my system prefs.

    It says Growl is stopped with a button to  start growl

    but I an't find it in my applications folder?

    how do I get rid of it?

    Spotlight just gives a location in system prefs.


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    Canvas is an amazing App, I feel Apple killed it by moving the goal posts too often


    Spotlight is worthless for searching, it only finds what Apple thinks you need to find!


    Find Any File...




    Hold Option or alt key when selecting Find to Find All.






    it is down in "other" in my system prefs.

    Try right clicking on Growl & see if Remove is an option, then reboot.

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    thanks BD, control click did it! Growl is gone. Ha!

    Thanks for the advise will look into the finds you mentioned.

    If the popup shows its ugly face again, I'll be back.

    thanks for you,


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    Great news, thanks & good luck!