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I am using an iPhone 4S here in the UK. My phone is the basic 16 gig version and has approx 5 gig of memory free. I subscribe to iTunes Match and use the icloud to store my music etc. if I listen (stream) music for an hour or so, the phones storage becomes full with the usual out of memory warnings.


In settings... General ... Usage.. The phone shows 0 megabytes of memory left. If I then go to music app within 'usage' and look at the size of data it shows a small amount ... Less than 200 megabytes used... Which I then delete.


I then go to the music app itself within settings and turn off music match and choose option to turn off "show all music" I then reboot the phone and my 5 gig of memory suddenly returns.


I think there is a problem with the new version of iOS 7.1.1 that is causing this issue.


I have tried a full reset of the phone and restored a backup but the problem keeps returning when I stream music from the cloud. I have reported the matter to apple but was wondering if anyone else here has encountered the problem or knows how to fix this issue?

64 Bit Intel, Windows 7