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IxionCorp Level 1 (10 points)
I have a Mac Mini (G4 model) that won't power up. Everytime I press the power button, nothing happens - no fan, no chime, no power light, nothing. It's acting like it isn't plugged in (I checked that first). I've tried replacing the power adapter (the power brick), resetting the PMU, and put the original RAM chip back in, but no luck. Has anyone had this problem?

Several - But all Macs, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • howwow Level 4 (3,500 points)
    If you have already try another Mac mini Power Adapter (brick) and perhaps try another socket in your home and the mini still won't power up, that means somewhere inside the mini it is not receiving power.

    You have to call your local AppleCare or your vendor (if you bought it there) to have your mini check up and maybe service.

  • IxionCorp Level 1 (10 points)
    For anyone who's interested, I had to reset the PMU from INSIDE the Mini using the internal reset button - then it worked fine.
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    The Mac mini that you reset PMU from inside--what Mac Mini? Was it the early 2006 Intel core duo Mac Mini?
  • IxionCorp Level 1 (10 points)
    No. It was one of the original 1.42ghz G4 models.
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    How do you reset pmu inside? Is there a button ?
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    I Need help My Mac Mini don't have any power
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    It would help to know what model of mini it is, how old it is, whether there are any signs of life from it at all such as whether the power light glows or you hear any noises when you try and switch it on - and what steps you have already taken to try and find out what the problem is, for instance whether you've tried plugging it into a different outlet (preferably in another part of the house), or checked to see if the power supply gets warm.... that sort of thing.

    It would also be better if you posted your question in a new thread so we can try and address your specific issue without risking diverting someone else's thread - or, as in this case, risk missing possible help because the thread has already been marked as solved by the original poster, so those who might be able to help you are more likely to simply pass it by.