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Maps on my phone shows me not at the right location, meaning I can't use the directions part at all

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    Hello NeilByne,


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    I'm sorry to hear about the issue your iPhone is having with not being able to find the proper location.  There are some troubleshooting steps that you do need to go through in order to fix this issue:


    Get help

    If you can't find your location, try the following:

    1. Make sure that Location Services is turned on. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    2. For Maps to find and track your location, both Locations Services and Maps must be on.
    3. Restart your device.
    4. Make sure that cellular data or Wi-Fi is on.

    If traffic isn't properly displayed, make sure that the Traffic setting is turned on. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and make sure Traffic is on.

    If Maps fails to display results, results are incorrect, locations are missing, or you experience any other issue while using Maps, you can report the issue:

    1. Tap Overview, then tap the info button.
    2. HT5429_02-ios_7-maps-info_button-003-en.png
    3. Tap Report a Problem.
    4. HT5429_03-ios_7-maps-info_button-report_a_problem-003-en.png
    5. Choose the appropriate issue description and follow the onscreen instructions.


    iOS: Using Maps



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