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I have a linksys network storage nslu2 which I connected to my external hardrive in the hopes that I would be able to listen to itunes without connecting my hardrive to my computer (I have more music than I want to have on my computer) I have walked through the setup with linksys tech support, and they said that I need to map the network storage device. Apple told me that I do this by connecting to the ip address that the network storage device uses- I tried connecting to the server from go in the finder menu and connecting to and no luck; I couldn't connect. When I called Linksys again we went through some troubleshooting; I tried pinging the server and it failed. Has anyone succesfully used the Linksys nsl u2 with a mac? Is it compatible?

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    First off, it is compatible. I just finished setting up mine tonight. The nslu2 actually uses Samba for the file sharing and is very compatible. If you can't ping the device that is where you will need to start. Either your computer is not on the network ( unlikely ) or the device has some network issues ( more likely). I would first verify the nlsu's IP address. is the default but may have changed to dhcp for some reason. The easiest way is to get into your switch and check the connected devices. While you are in there it would be a good time to ensure your computer is on the same network. Both your computer and nslu need to have network addresses start with 192.168.1.X if they don't have the same first 3 numbers the same this can also cause problems. Check these settings. You may need to use the Linksys config tool to change the IP address to match.

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    mac book   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Windows admin
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    thanks for the help. I've gotten more answers from you than either Linksys or Apple. Unfortunately I still have a question or two. What is Samba? Do I need to download that separately? How do I get into the switch to check connected devices? I have looked at my computer's ip address from the network settings and it does seem have a different address: One more thing- how do I use the linksys config tool to change the ip address- I haven't found any software that is mac compatible.