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I recently purchased a new Apple TV (ATV).The ATV is connected to a Yamaha receiver via HDMI. The receiver is connected to an LG TV via HDMI.


Frequently, it is the case that I will come home, turn on the TV and receiver, and then press a button on the ATV's remote to "wake it up"; the TV screen will just remain a black/blank image.


I can tell that the ATV has come out of "sleep mode" as I can hear the ATV menu sounds as I use the ATV's remote and the white light on the unit is lit.


I believe that the problem is related to using the device for Airplay because the black-sreen issue can be resolved if turn on my iPhone, open the settings and toggle Airplay *on* and then *off* again. As soon as I do this, the ATV menu appears on the TV screen.


It is as though the ATV was still in "Airplay mode" but was rendering a black screen because no Airplay content was being streamed, and then when I toggle Airplay on and off on my iPhone, it "jogs" the ATV back into its proper state.



Any suggestions? Updates? Others with the same problem? Should I return this ATV for a replacement before the 30 days are up?




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