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I pre-ordered an album worth Rs.200 (16 songs, 2 videos). That album gave away one song just as I ordered it but charged only Rs.60, but the one song was only of Rs.15. So will it charge the whole amount when the album is relased or each song charges Rs.60? If it charges Rs.60 my mother is going to kill me! I have pre-ordered for the first time so very nervous. Please help!

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    For pre-orders, from http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5714 :


    Some pre-orders include songs that are available for download immediately. When you pre-order, you will be charged only for these songs and you will receive them immediately.


    It sounds like one of the tracks on the album has already been released, so at this point you have only been charged for that song (the Rs 15). When the actual album itself is released you will be charged the remaining amount - so the Rs 200 minus the Rs 15 that you've already paid (if other tracks are also released ahead of the album then you will get further Rs 15 tracks, with them being deducted from the album total).


    For the Rs 60, did you add the credit card to your account at the time of pre-ordering ? Each time that you add/change card details a small temporary store holding charge (e.g. Rs 60) may be applied to check that the card details are correct and valid - it should disappear off the card within a few days or so.


    Store holding charge : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3702

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    Thank you so much! This helped!