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    Like many of you, I purchased a few albums yesterday on ITunes and they do not play on the 1st generation Shuffle. They upload fine and play in ITUNES itself but the songs are skipped over when you play them on the Shuffle. Instead of relenting to burning them on CD and then reloading them, I decided to call tech support.

    I spent 45 minutes on the phone with an Apple troubleshooter guy. We went through the entire restore process using the IPOD reset utility program and of course it did not work. After trying a few other ideas, he transferred me over to an Apple tech representative. The Apple rep wanted to create a new user account on my computer to see if there was some weird interaction between the Shuffle and the existing user account. I could not do it tonight since I'm on my work computer (with associated firewall issues) but I will call him back to see what magical fix he is thinking a new user account will do to trick the Shuffle into playing recently purchased music. The tech guy was telling me that they have not changed encoding software on the music... I don't know. I think the Apple folks need to look into this issue some more.... All of you having this problem, keep calling tech support to complain. Maybe we can move goliath into fixing the issue soon.
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    Brand new 1st gen shuffle owner here. Bought it refurbished off Apples site. Just got it a few hours ago. Downloaded Newsboys (Christian Rock) CD and Daughtry. Daughtry won't play. Thought the thing was broken until I found this thread.

    I'll email them, but I see a lot of CD burning in my future. <sigh
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    My iPod-shuffle is more than 90 day's old, so they said I have to pay for phone-support.
    There is no chance to get smart(personal, not computer-made) response per email!
    I have about 20 or more mails in my inbox, and there is not even one word written by a support-person. You know what I mean!
    So every one within the 90-day's should call and stress the apple-people to solve this.

    After rebuilding my library, and trying iTunes 6.X all purchased music is "affected".
    There is no way to burn all this!

    As you can imagine, I'm so disappointed!
    I never thought this could happen to me with an ipod!

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    Thank you for that link to the e-mail form! I wasn't having luck finding anywhere to contact Apple about this. I know more than just the album I downloaded this week isn't working on my shuffle (I put a mixed playlist of old and new music and my shuffle won't play the songs straight through - regardless of which setting it's on, it's always shuffling - so I know it's skipping more music). I'm going to send a new e-mail each and every time I come across a new song. Hopefully a few minutes spent here and there will pay off with some updates soon.

    (Oh, btw, I did deauth/reauth my computer and do a restore before coming to the discussion boards and that didn't work - I didn't know anything about recreating my library but I have no intentions of trying that since people have posted that ALL their purchased music becomes affected when they do that).
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    Hello all,

    Im scared by the amount of people with the SAME problem! And for those with the 90 day old ipods i dont think it cost to call unless it is a new thing because i have a like 2 year old ipod suffle and can get through ALL the time...I think im going to call again and see b/c this is the dumest thing in the world...there should a recall or notice!

    Many more times
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    FYI - I purchased my first gen shuffle in March 2006. I still called tech support and they did spend the 45 minutes with me. They did not once ask me to pay. So all of you concerned about not calling tech support - I would go ahead an bombard them with calls. The troubleshooter person had no clue about this thread. I provided him with the message ID number 3675163 and he read the concerns all of us are having. He's one person but the more people call, the faster they may act.
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    Here's the run around I got. I'm going to try calling support now...

    Dear Megan,

    I'm sorry to hear that some of your purchases will not play on your 1st
    generation iPod shuffle.

    These articles may help to resolve the issue:

    How to Update iPod shuffle

    iPod: About compatible song formats

    I found these articles for you on the iTunes support website at:

    At that website you will find a wide variety of helpful tutorials,
    troubleshooting tips, and support information.

    I hope that this information will help to resolve the issue. If you require more
    in-depth assistance, you will need to call Apple technical support (there may be
    a fee associated with the call). To find the appropriate phone number, please

    Thank you for your patience and thank you for being an iTunes Store customer.
    Apple appreciates your business.


    iTunes Store Customer Support

    Apple Support,

    I had already tried troubleshooting my shuffle before e-mailing support. Here are the songs that will still not play on my shuffle after being transferred:

    Gwen Stefani's entire album "The Sweet Escape" including these songs:

    1. Wind It Up
    2. The Sweet Escape
    3. Orange County Girl
    4. Early Winter
    5. Now That You Got It
    6. 4 In The Morning
    7. Yummy
    8. Fluorescent
    9. Breakin' Up
    10. Don't Get It Twisted
    11. U Started It
    12. Wonderful Life

    13. Wind It Up (Neptunes Mix)

    14. Wind It Up (Live)

    And Danity Kane's single "Home for Christmas."

    I'm e-mailing support because I am not the only one with this problem and no one seems to be able to get an answer from apple as to what is happening and when it will be fixed. Check the discussion boards - you have some very unsatisfied owners of 1st generation shuffles. I cannot call support to complain without paying a ridiculous amount of money as my iPod was purchased last spring. It is terrible that new music purchased since the end of November will not play on 1st Gen shuffles. This needs to be addressed!!!


    Dear Megan,

    I am sorry to hear about the recent issue you have experienced with your iPod Shuffle. I understand that your recently purchased music plays on your computer, and is on your iPod, but will not play.

    If you have transferred your iTunes Store purchases to your iPod but certain items won't play, I encourage you to read and follow the steps in the following article:

    iPod does not play content purchased from the iTunes Store

    If one or more of the items purchased from the iTunes Store does not play on your iPod after you have tried the steps in article above, please reply to this email and provide the title of the item and the name of the artist.

    Thank you for being an iTunes Store customer and have a great day.


    iTunes Store Customer Support

    Customer First Name : Megan
    Customer Last Name : Buckley
    Support Subject : iPod
    Sub Issue : Won't play
    iTunes Account Name: Not provided
    Platform : Windows XPSP2
    Affected Song : Gwen Stefani's entire album - The Sweet Escape
    iPod Type :
    I just wanted to bring this to your attention as it seems like many people on the discussion boards are having problems with new downloads playing on 1st generation shuffles. This isn't my only new purchase that won't play but I haven't had time to troubleshoot and determine all of them. Any updates coming soon for this???

    TrackID: 2932261

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    I'm on the phone with support right now and realized I didn't mention this before - I have an iPod video in addition to my 1st gen shuffle and my purchased songs since 11/21 work fine on the video but NOT the shuffle (I think this was the statement that finally got the tech support guy to take me seriously). The guy I'm speaking with has had me plug my shuffle into my computer and see if I can update it (iTunes indicates it's up to date though and I'm using the most recent iTunes), auth the computer with the shuffle attached (did that, loaded a newly purchased song, it wouldn't play) and now I'm on hold while he speaks with another department.

    (And, I haven't been asked to pay for the call yet...)
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    This issue is not new. It has been coming and going for all the shuffle's brief existance.

    The AAC protected files clearly cause problems to the shuffle's firmware, preventing it from playing the songs correctly. I tested 'troubled' songs on various iPod models, and the only one to have this problem has been the shuffle so far.
    I have no idea on how the songs are encoded, but the problems lie there: some files might be OK on a certain country store and might be causing problems if bought from another country's store.
    Some songs won't play if bought from the single release but will play if bought directly from the tracklist of the whole album:
    (i.e.: The song 'Head On A Spike' on the italian store, works on a shuffle only if downloaded from the album tracklist, it doesn't work if downloaded from the 'single' release, the song is by The bluetones, BTW).
    A solution for this? No, they will never find it, I'm quite sure about it, being the 1st gen. shuffle the 'last year wonder' and being this problem quite well known and old. Why should the lovely people at Apple care about that? A 1000 customers' views on this forum are really peanuts after all.
    But one thing I am asking Apple with my heart in my hand:
    'Make an official statement about this issue, say something, for god's love!'
    Something like this maybe: 'Some songs from the Apple store are not compatible with certain Apple music players, such as the shuffle, you can always play those protected files with RealPlayer (True!).'
    That's all, I know this isn't the place for complaints, sorry about that. I am also really grateful to all this forum's users who try to help each other with this issue.


    A turntable+Vinyl    
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    I was transferred to a second guy at support. He had me try the iPod shuffle reset utility (didn't do anything - songs from Gwen Stefani's new album still wouldn't play but other purchased and imported music does) and he had me change the file system from FAT to FAT32 using disk management (still, songs from Gwen Stefani's new album wouldn't play).

    He did say he believes it has something to do with the software being used to encode the music (DUH!). He is checking w/Apple engineers to see if there is any fix and is going to call me back in a few days. He said if he doesn't get any solutions to try that work, he will replace the iPod (I'm debating if I'm going to do this as it seems like I read someone else has already done an exchange and still has the same problem - and what a hassle anyway!!). He also acknowledged that another tech support person had received a similar call about a half hour ago.

    So, I would advise anyone with this problem to call tech support. The US # worked fine for me (800-275-2273) and I didn't have to pay. I just gave up an hour and 10 min of my time on a Saturday...Maybe with enough calls and enough inquiries to the engineers from support, they'll do something about this...
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    Same problem here. I happen to work close to an apple store so I plan on taking mine back in there and having it replaced under warranty. If thy replace it with a Gen1, I'll just keep returning it until they give me one that works or a 2nd gen. This problem is inexcuseable.
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    Please let us know what they tell you or do about this at the Apple Store. I got an email back from iTunes support telling me to call Apple Support about the problem. I also noticed that another guy with this problem, possibly in this thread, called Applecare and they talked with him for 45 minutes despite it being out of warranty. I don't think it fixed his problem though. Hopefully all of us working on this will cause Apple to take notice and offer a real fix. Thanks!
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    I have the same problem.

    It just started recently though. The last two NEWLY RELEASED songs that I downloaded from iTunes will not play on my 1st gen shuffle.
    I have called teck support and after demanding to speak with someone higher up, and being placed on hold for over 20 minutes, I got through. They had no idea about this problem, and the person I spoke with could not help me solve this issue. He walked me through all of the steps that their sop reccomends, but still no results. He then stated that it must be a problem with iTunes, and reccomended that I contact them.
    iTunes did not help. I emailed them, sinse they do not have a support phone number, and was told again and again that it was not their issue and that I needed to get back in touch with the hardware support team.
    I am fed up... No one is listening to us and it seems to me as if they are doing this to make all of us who have had the shuffle for a while, go out and HAVE to buy a new one. I am considering starting a class action law suit here in Texas to force them to act... Let me know what you think.

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    I downloaded the 2006 Casino Royale soundtrack.

    The songs play fine on my 5.5Gen, my 1st and 2nd gen nanos, and my 2nd gen shuffle. They DO NOT play on my first gen shuffle.

    All ipods have been restored/not updated with the latest Apple firmware, on the latest itunes. I have manually deauthorized and reauthorized my computer with the shuffle plugged in, to no avail.

    It really really looks like a hardware/firmware issue with the 1st gen shuffle, and as has been previously mentioned in this thread, and a long time ago by me in other threads, this is not a new issue for this device. I would not have any reason to suspect Apple's replacing a 1st gen with another 1st gen will fix this issue....but the 2nd gen shuffle does not have this problem as far as I have been able to tell.

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    I did burn the album and song to cd and re-imported the music. It transfered and plays fine on my shuffle. I WILL NOT accept Apple's answer of replacing my shuffle if that's the only solution I get when tech support calls me back. This is definitely a problem with the song files and NOT my shuffle.

    I'm going to kindly ask the iTunes support gentleman what he think is more likely - all 1st generation iPods suddenly stopped working around the same date and will no longer play NEWLY purchased music OR is it more likely that something changed on those NEWLY purchased song files that has made THEM no longer play on 1st generation shuffles?????

    I think it's obvious...

    Then I'm going to ask him to pretend that something is wrong with the song files and ask who the heck I talk to to report it!! I'm tired of the run around that everyone is getting about this.