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Just got a Mac Mini Server 2.3GHz (late 2012) upgraded with 16Gb RAM. I wanted to record off my ISP's TV tuner, as I have in the past using EyeTV200 and a FireWire cable. It works with my old G4MDD, and it works with my late 2009 MBP. It didn't work with the new Mini. Where the live tv feed is supposed to be there is just a black empty window. I wrote Elgato support and they said the FireWire port on the Mini is diminished from FireWire on previous Macs in the sense that it supports less electrical load. In other words I would need to use a separate external electical source, plugged into the EyeTV box in order to run it properly with the Mini. I don't have it, and never needed it as the normal FireWire ports on my previous Macs were enough to run the EyeTV box, just as they were enough to power external hds.


Far as you Apple experts know, is this true?


Thanks for any further information.

MAC MINI SERVER (LATE 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.3), 16Gb RAM