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I have been looking for a windows application emulator for MAC OS 10.3.4 but have found some interesting programs that actually run windows os on mac but that is not really what im looking for. What I am really looking for is a program or application that will allow me to run some windows programs on MAC. I don't know if its possible but if anyone has found a way to do this I would appreciate the help.

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    I know of one. Check out Darwine. Darwine is a port of Wine to Mac OS 10 and Darwin. I have never used Darwine, but I have used Wine on Linux before. You can get several programs to work on Wine. Drivers do not work. Direct3-D doesn't fully work, but with a little effort most stuff does work more or less (I think sound will not work on the Darwine version of Wine). Wine is not an emulator, rather it is a compatability layer. This means it needs an x86 processor but it is capable of achiving near native speeds. For those who use older PowerPC based Macs, there is a version of Darwine that uses the GPL QEMU, an emulator. Due to the use of an emulator, the PPC version will run programs at about 10-20% of your processors speed (and QEMU is a relitivly fast emulator). There is a commercial version of Wine called Cross Over created by Code Weavers. Cross Over uses specialized scripts to assist in the installation of Windows programs (though at it's core, it is the same LGPL Wine). I don't know if this works in the Mac version but the Linux version features the ability to embed browser plugins for windows into Firefox or other browsers something wine can't do. Crossover requires an x86 processor. Codeweavers contributes a good deal of their work back to the Wine project.

    Since it looks like you use a G3, you will have to stick with Darwine on an emulator. The only other option I can think of is setting up a remote connection to a Windows PC so you can run Windows apps on it but control it through your Mac or use alternative programs.

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    A G3 is probably to slow to provide acceptable performance emulating a PC, which is necessary to run Windows apps on a PowerPC Mac. The new Intel Macs however, provide several options for running Windows programs at nearly full speed.