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What is the cost for an iPhoto book memory book with the basic amount of pages? I can't seem to find cost information anywhere.

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    Please take my advice and do not buy a photo book from Apple. see the comments in the forum. There are other suppliers and not one of them can be as bad as Apple. If I can save one other person from going through the frustrations and annoyance that I am having just trying to get a response from Apple Support then it might be worth the $150 that I seem to have wasted on 2 photo books. They are only good for the garbage can and Apple will not respond.
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    Here is the link:

    The way to this link is to select an album in iPhoto, click on create book. You get a dialog box to choose which kind of book where you can click a button "Options + Prices."

    It's true, people have had problems. But people coming to the forums usually have some kind of trouble they want help with. What I have heard: large hard cover books have a great print quality and are very nice, but the cover has a photo that is a glued-on label which often peels off or needs repair. When you look at the examples of each size book, notice the large soft cover book. Its cover has a cutout that shows the first page of the book. Some people don't like a cover that's not solid. This is the one I have ordered, and I am very pleased with the quality of the book and printing. Some people really like the medium soft cover, since there is no glued-on label or cut-out on the cover.

    Yes, there are lots of places to choose from. My iPhoto book was fun, easy, and good quality. I will do another one some day.
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. If you click on the themes button in the book mode you'll be taken to the Apple web page that has the prices for the various book options.

    You have to remember that it's mostly only those having problems with something that are posting here. So that's why the opinions are on the negative side. Personally, I've had no problems with any of the large, hardcover books. My medium books were grainy, i.e.a halftone pattern that was visible to the naked eye if you held the book up close. At normal viewing length it was not obvious.

    The current issue with the cover photo peeling off upon delivery or soon after seems to be new and hopefully just a batch issue.

    As far as image quality, my large books were very good. The halftone pattern was not visible unless viewed at 8x and under bright light. If you're looking for the print quality that you find in the commercial coffee table photo books you won't find it but, IMO, it comes reasonable close. Again remember, to use the hospital metaphor, you in a hospital where most of the people here come because they are sick.
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    "There are other suppliers and not one of them can be as bad as Apple."

    How would you find alternate suppliers/printers for an iPhoto project?