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I am currently a user of hardware based digital recording. I own a Tascam 24-track HD recorder (Tascam 2488).

I am thinking about making the jump to Logo Express or Pro, but I have a few questions that I'd like to know if anyone can help with.

I currently can record 8 tracks at once. Is there any way I could do this with Logic and my new iMac (24")? Is there any hardware out there that I could plug into my computer that Logic would let me record 8 different tracks from 8 different mic sources?

Looking at the options of once you got the recorded sound, Logic looks to be a great piece of software. My only concern is that I want the option of recording on 8 tracks, not that I will be doing that every day.

Ive always used hardware solutions, so I'm in for a lesson.


iMac 2.33GHz (24-inch)  10.4.6  2GB RAM  500GB HDD  AEBS