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I've never had this issue before now, and it's only doing it to random songs. I checked the stop time and it's set to the end of each one, but iTunes still ends it earlier than it should. Any ideas? Thanks...

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)
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    Hey bgrsox,



    Thanks for the question. I understand that random songs are not playing back fully in iTunes. The following resource may assist you:


    Songs in iTunes may not play back completely





    Occasionally, if a song purchased from the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC was not downloaded completely, the song may not play back fully. The song may abruptly stop during playback, and iTunes may start playing the next song in your library or playlist.




    If iTunes in the Cloud is available in your country, try the following steps to resolve the issue:


    1. Delete the purchased song that is exhibiting the problem from your iTunes library.

    2. Click on the Purchased link in the iTunes Store to view your previously purchased music.

    3. Download your previously purchased song from this list.


    Note: iTunes in the Cloud, which allows you to download previously purchased songs from the iTunes Store, is not available in every country. Learn if iTunes in the Cloud is offered in your country.


    Additional Information:


    iTunes 11 for Mac: Delete songs, playlists, or other items



    Download past purchases






    Matt M.

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    This is also happening to me. Same version of iTunes. Let me throw a little more info on the fire:


    1) My songs were ripped from my personal copy of CDs

    2) I was attempting to stream them from the clouds.

    3) I assumed it was an iTunes Match streaming issue so I downloaded the songs to my macbook pro's hard drive

    4) This did not solve the problem.


    Based on this I'd say the solution above is not a solution to the problem at all.


    I am furious. Music is my escape and now iTunes can't even do that right.


    Happy to provide additional system or usage info if there's someone out there that understands what's going on.


    A note to apple: Seriously considering never purchasing a Mac again. Your flagship cross platform music software isn't even working. Let's go, get your head in the game!

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    I've seen this posted many times, and most often an Apple rep or community specialist will link back to the same Apple suggestion: Songs in iTunes may not play back completely  Well, let me tell you, that may work, but it's almost always overkill.  The thing is, there's an annoying bug in iTunes which Apple doesn't seem to be able (or willing) to fix.  There is a collection of metadata that iTunes keeps for all songs in its library, and this metadata includes, among other things, the lengths of tracks.  The bug in iTunes is that these track lengths will occasionally get truncated.  Sure, completely erasing the song file and re-downloading it may work, but you only really need to get iTunes to re-create the metadata, and it's pretty easy to do this, and doesn't require you to re-download the song files.  Simply remove the song files from iTunes and then add them back.

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    i had this problem for about a day. ( i cant stand it when programs don't run as created.) i did a full reset on iTunes, uninstalled and re-installed. ive noticed ive had to do that with iTunes a few times especially after a big update.

    it meant i had to re-install all my music and get it set up just how i wanted but it fixed the problem. i have over 5000 songs and it only took me an hour to get it all back to how i like good luck!

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    I have had this problem too for the longest time. And it keeps getting worse. The songs play fine on my MacBook Pro primary library. But even after I deleted ALL Music and logged out of ALL iCloud type services and resynced just 2 songs. they still stop after 8 to 10 seconds on the iPhone 6+ (just as they stop on the iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. Mind bogglingly frustrating. 


    Alas the links to the KnowledgeBase article you posted lead to


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    Please return to the Apple Support homepage.

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    How do you mean you had "re-install all my music" ? Thanks.