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We have an iMac running OS 9.2.2.

I just noticed this the other day: I'm finding multiple dates in the Created and Modified fields in the Get Info window. For example, on a document I created today, the date reads: WedWed SepMay 63 20062006

Apparently, Wed May3 2006 is being added to all the Created and Modified fields for all our documents.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to remedy it?


iMac G3, iBook G3, Mac OS 9.2.x, iMacG3: 400 MHz; 64 MB; 10 GB. iBookG3: 900 MHz; 640 MB; 40 GB
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    See if rebuilding your desktop helps. Use Techtool Lite or Trash*Desktop (TD may delete Finder comments )to rebuild your desktop w/extensions off. Does a better job than manually & you avoid all the finger gymnatics. You just have to hold down the shift key to shut off extensions.
    Restart to turn the extensions back on again.

    If you want to rebuild manually, see KB article http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=10182 Rebuilding Desktop File and Icon Recovery.

    If rebuilding does not work, then try booting from your system install cd (the one that originally came w/your comp) while holding down the c key & run Disk First Aid from the Utilities folder. Have DFA repair any errors it finds. If unable to repair you will need to run a 3rd party utility cd.
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    motc: Open your Date & Time control panel and check the format that is selected for date display.
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    Hi, motc -

    In the Date & Time control panel, click the Date Formats button. On the left side of the new window is a list that allows the setting of the order of the items in the format; to the right of each item in the list is a text box. Examine the contents of those boxes - those should be empty except perhaps for a strategic comma or space. Yours probably have the extra text that's appearing in those boxes.

    At the bottom of that window is a live representation of how the current settings will appear. Edit out the extra text in the text boxes until the appearance is the way you would like it to be.
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    The Date & Time Control panel did the trick. I have no idea how the text got in there - I never entered it.

    Thank you again, everyone.