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Dear Apple Support Community,


i have an iPad 2 A1396 model.


my Blutooth seems to be having issues, i can't connect to any device that has Bluetooth...

i have a Apple keybord A1314 model, my iPad just does not see it... the keyboard connects with my Mac, iPhone, wife's mac and iphone and even my friend's Mobile...


i have read alot of forums and they all sugest the following (witch i have tried):


  • Reset Network settings
  • Hold the Power button and release once pairing is compleated (i did this until my beard grew about and inch)
  • unpair with all other divices (and i disabled all other Mac devices Bluetooth)
  • reformatted the iPad to factory settings


None of the above worked... does anyone have advice or a solution as this is SOOOO frustrating... ill rather go finsing with no bait...


Please help 


Kind Regards


iPad 2, iOS 7.1.1