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Hello there,

I am stuck with a question no one seems able to answer- I've tried all three of our local Apple stores and they haven't been able to tell me. I also don't know any iPad users that have been able to give me an answer either.

I have been using a 5S and am very familiar with the functionality of Numbers and Pages. However, I'm a finance student and the fact of the matter is that I have to have access to Excel. I've invested YEARS and thousands of dollars into the iOS ecosystem and I'm very torn over what to do next. I'm hoping to migrate permanently from a laptop to a tablet for my productivity, which involves extremely heavy duty (5+ hours daily) word processing and spreadsheet creation. Pages handles the job just fine, but Numbers isn't really cutting it; Excel is simply the de facto standard in my line of work. I was pleased as punch when Microsoft finally launched Office for iOS. If the simple functions were all I needed, my choice would be open and shut. However, it's not. I must have access to the Solver and Data Analysis toolpaks. This is where it gets tricky. I have been told by Mac users running Excel that data analysis is not natively supported as it is on a Windows machine. Fine. However, no one I know is using full Office through iOS and no one at the Apple Store has been able to answer me definitively on this, either. Does anyone out there know first hand if the Data Analysis and Solver toolpaks are available on iOS version of Office? I would like to avoid fussing around with another tablet (quality, etc) and the fact that iOS is the only mobile operating suite where I can seemlessly blend Google, Apple and Microsoft, I am really, really, really hesitant to leave it. I am not willing to shell out the money for Office on iOS and run it on my phone (though I love that idea) just to find that it won't do data analysis (I'm all for experiments but that's a bit pricey for a student). Thanx for your time.


TL:DR, does the new Microsoft Office for iOS provide Solver and Data Analysis toolpaks in Excel?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
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That would be a question best asked of Microsoft, but no, it does not appear that any toolpaks are supported. A truncated comparison can be found here:


http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/compare-excel-for-ipad-with-excel-f or-mac-and-excel-for-windows-HA103458713.aspx



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