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I work at best buy and we use worksheets to take quick notes on. I was wondering if their was an app that would allow you to scan a file and save it as a PDF and be able to write on it and wifi print.


Also is their an app that you can use your handwriting  and hit a button on the app and the app itself would make the handwriting neater and organized for note taking purposes or if you can use this feature with the PDF I mentioned before that would be awesome

iPad, iOS 7.1.1
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    If you search the iTunes Store for "PDF markup" (or do a general web search) you'll find a number of options. I haven't used any so I can't make any personal recommendations, though someone else here may be able do so. Similarly search the store for "handwriting"; there are apps that can recognize handwriting and turn it into text (with varying levels of accuracy depending how neatly you write), but I don't know if any just will clean up your handwriting.