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One step DVD would not work, but one should be able to play either min DV tape or SVHS tape in the $826 JVC SR-VC30U Combo mini DVD/SVHS Deck and, via its Firewire, capture a DV video file into the imac, correct? (How is that done--does image capture recognize that a Firewire input is present, and give you options to start/stop capture?)Now, the combo unit output most likely is a 4 pin Firewire (IEEE 1394), and I think one can get a 4to6 pin adapter cord, as the imac is 6 pin Firewire, right?
Good source for such a connector?

I'll be mastering video to 90/60 min. min-dv tapes recorded in both a camcorder and the SR-VC30U, and would rather use the deck rather than my camcorder as the playback unit to save wear on the camcorder. I also have numerous video tapes, VHS and SVHS, that I like to get into my imac as dv. I can also back up the min-DV mastering of events with a SVHS tape, and import that SVHS footage if the min-DV recording fails. Might even be a way to get better footage from DVDs, by looping through playback, than trying to rip from the recorded DVD.

One might even be able to loop through video and capture dv to the imac--checking with JVC about that and related questions--will report back...

Regards, Dale

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