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Is anyone aware of a way of getting the equivalent of "netstat -b" (Windows XP Pro) which lists the binaries associated with their respective ports?
Sample result:
C:\>netstat -b
TCP wxp10168:2786 eg-www.apple.com:http ESTABLISHED 1688


Macbook Pro 17, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Nathan Pangburn Level 4 Level 4 (3,920 points)
    There may be other ways to do this, but I always use:

    lsof -i

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    Hi Jav,
       There is a netstat command on OS X but it doesn't show the process monitoring the port. As Nathan says, lsof is the ticket. However, when invoked as a regular user, lsof only lists processes owned by that user. In order to check all ports, the command should be run as root via sudo.
       Shift to the left,
       Shift to the right,
       Mask in, mask out,
       BYTE, BYTE, BYTE !!!
  • Nathan Pangburn Level 4 Level 4 (3,920 points)
    Thanks for the clarification, Gary. It may have been confusing to Jav if he did not realize that small, yet very important distinction!