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i had a truly BAD experiance trying to buy an ipad for me and my son....since i am very sick and in a hospital most of the time,it is our only way to be close to eachother.

anyway,i ordered an ipad from EBAY(NEVER WILL DO THAT AGAIN),the person stole the money...which was a year of gathering,because i live in croatia,in the middle of nowhere,and ipad is an exteme luxury here

all of that happened on 11.11.2013,and still no IPAD!!!

so finally by some miracle,i menaged to get 600 usd back,and now i found a croat living in usa,who will buy an ipad for me,ofc he keeps probably around 100 usd or more,but im still not trustworthy,because of everything that has happened

so my question is,if he gets me the ipad,does the warranty on the device work by a number on the box,thats what he told me....i got time to give up,but not long,so im beging for an answer asap,cause i dont think i can live through one more scamm of this magnitude,and at the end its really bad advertiseing for apple,because i was probably the first person in croatia,who bought an iphone....early 3g,and i adore all apple products,beeing an artist,i love beutiful things ,despite all the problems it maide me sometimes,and im starting to crossover to android....if i am...lesser fans will defenetly


plz give me any kind of answer asap,and i apologize for bad writting...its kinda hard to do it hidding from a mean nurse