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This is ridiculous but true.  And I'm going to try to make this long story short. 


I've been sending iMessages and Facetiming with my long distance boyfriend since November/December.  He's always had some sort of weird connection issues but I always just figured it was because he lived away from the city.  He started to feel like he was being hacked a few months ago.  Speed up to today, and he's having major issues. People with the same area code and exchange as me (example my phone number would be (555) 222-5435 and the people involved have a phone number with (555) 222-xxxx) are texting him (he wont' tell me what), his phone connection is in and out, his phone get very hot when he's not even using it, when we facetime I can hear him just fine, and he can't hear me at all.  Also iMessage is in and out, but i have no problem sending anyone else an iMessage, and I think he's able to send iMessages to other users just fine.  He's suspecting me of having something to do with all this and I DO NOT. And its scaring me to, because now I'm thinking my phone might have been hacked or something.  Any helpful information would be great.



iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.1, Boyfriend has iPhone 5S