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I sent a request to change my security questions but I haven't received an email.... Please help!!!!! I already checked my spam mail

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    If it hasn't arrived after a few hours, you need to ask Apple to reset your security questions; this can be done by clicking here and picking a method, or if your country isn't listed, filling out and submitting this form.

    They wouldn't be security questions if they could be bypassed without Apple verifying your identity.


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    Niel's suggestion will do the trick but just as an aside...


    If you are referring to the Forgot Your Answers? link, that will send a reset to the rescue email address you provided.

    A rescue email cannot be your primary Apple ID and is not different than an alternate email.

    If you were checking your primary Apple ID email address, this would explain why you are not receiving it.

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    My Apple ID is my rescue email .... Idk why? I can't change it I never got to choose my rescue email. But when I asked to change my questions it said it was going to sent the request to my yahoo email which is my Apple ID

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    Are you sure you do not have another Yahoo email address you used for your rescue email?


    A rescue email is a separate email used if your primary email is compromised. Allowing use of your primary email totally defeats the purpose of a rescue email.

    Rescue email address

    A rescue address helps secure your Apple ID account against unauthorized access by someone who gains control of your primary address. If you have a rescue address, it receives all security-related Apple ID email instead of your primary address, including the email needed to reset your password or security questions.



    If your rescue email is somehow the same as your primary email then I highly suggest you change it or better yet, set up two-step verification (if available).

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    No i only have one yahoo account .... I never got to choose my rescue email .... I usually use my gmail account but I never had the option of choosing my rescue email.... And if I did I don't remember ... So idk where it is sending the request then? Because I'm not getting it on email

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    Reset your security questions as Neil suggested.

    After they are reset, I suggest you change your rescue email or setup two-step verification.