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Hi, I lost my firmware password and now, my computer is so slow. I want to use some fixing tools and want to start from disk repairing on startup with Command+R than disk utility. There is lost firmware password on the computer and can't use the disk utility with out password.


Are there any method for bypass the password before disk utility or direct entrance to disk utility with any command etc. from terminal?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), i7 4850HQ, 16GB RAM, Geforce 750M
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    On some of the older macs, you can reset the firmware password simply by removing the RAM. If that doesn't work for your model, you'll need to take it into Apple to get the firmware password reset. A firmware password is esentially a password on the logic board, not something that can be bypassed.

    If you need to take it in to Apple, proof of ownership is needed.




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    Hi, thanks for reply but I have really big problem now. I programmed the computer for next boot from /Volumes/mac the mac was my bootable USB stick (installed mountain lion). I restarted computer but didn't work. Now I can't change the boot settings because I can't start the computer. If I try open with startup manager (Command+R) there is firmware password. With out any button combination there is a folder symbol on the white screen with question mark. So the computer compeletely off-line now. Can't use it.


    Anybody help?

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    You can try to option + launch to see if it can find another bootable drive. If not, you'll need to get that firmware password reset in order to continue.




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    If the computer has a firmware password set, you will need to contact Apple.


    Apple’s recommendations on password security: