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I just got a new router, the NetGear AC1900, a.k.a. "The Nighthawk." It's really nice, and fast, but I want my wife's MacBook Air to still have Time Capsule functionality using the AirPort Base Station the Nighthawk replaced. So, I went into the AirPort Utility, and chaged the settings from "Create a Wireless Network" to "Extend a Wireless Network," and it doesn't seem to want to take.


So, I reset the device to factory defaults and did it all over again from scratch. No dice. After updating, here is what I get:


"Your AirPort wireless device is reporting the following information. Select the item to see more details. You can ignore a problem if you don't want it to make the Airport wireless device's satus light blink amber."


Ignore (Checkbox)   Item - Extend Network


"This Apply Wi-Fi base station was unable to extend the wireless network. Make sure the wireless network you're trying to extend was set up and is working correctly, that you entered a matching wireless network password into this device, and that this device is in range of the wireless network."


Well, all those things have been done correctly. I can't seem to make this thing work!


Any ideas? I'm extending a 2.4 Ghz network from the Nighthawk. Thanks for your help!



Extend Nighthawk wireless network