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I am looking to see if anyone has or knows how to stream audio from a Samsung blu ray player.  I am not using my computer just the player and an airport express.  The airport express recognizes my blu ray player as a device on the network.  I have a pair of computer speakers hooked up to the audio out jack on the airport express.  When I play a movie I want to wirelessly stream the audio across the room to the speakers hooked up to the airport express.  Is this possible?

AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen)
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    Sorry, but no. You will not be able to stream audio from your Samsung Blu Ray player to the AirPort Express.


    Streaming to the Express is accomplished using AirPlay and requires three things to be successful:


    1. An iTunes server. Typically this would be a PC or Mac hosting iTunes or it can be an iTunes server service on a NAS device.
    2. A wired or wireless network.
    3. An AirPlay "speaker." This could be the AirPort Express.


    In order for the Samsung to stream to the Express it would have to have a built-in iTunes server.